Connect and interact with new audience

Digital work are a great opportunity to create contemporary experiences for audiences. As our lifes are bathed in tech and multimedia, it is crucial to present old & new technologies while shifting their common use to inspiring innovation. 
It allows the art to connect with an audience attached to technological advancement and its applications, as well as expanding the reach and demography of public engagements.

Why the contribution is important

Audiences thrive for new experiences, different ways to present the know and unknown. Digital work allows us to connect directly with spectators and users. Live interactions can be created, immersing the audience in the work and turning them into active components of the performance. 
Below some short videos from two digital and tech show I'm working on in 2017.
Visual show London
Autonomous drones live shows

by AntoineMarc on August 02, 2017 at 01:09PM

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