Culture Finder: Recommendation Engine

The Audience Agency imagines (and is already working toward) a service that brings the consumer-centric and big data approaches to marketing together in a simple tool that could sit on a venue, gallery, listings, blog or other cultural destination website to provide the best recommendations and that learns from a feedback loop of customer-defined interest and wider behavioural patterns.

Why the contribution is important

The marketing of culture online, and in particular digital advertising, has to date been about using data to target potential audiences without necessarily giving the customer the ability to understand why they are being targeted and to provide valuable feedback on the relevance of the offer.

GDPR compliance and best practice is heading towards a world where the customer is the owner of their data and they share it with potential providers of products and services to receive personalised and relevant offers.

If the arts and culture sector can get on the leading-edge of this trend it could be transformational, given the positive nature of what is being offere, and engage a wider audience by better serving them with things they might be interested in. Not just narrowly focusing in on one thing, but by building sophisticated taste profiels that make nuanced recommendations from "tried and trusted" to "try something new".

by CimeonAudienceAgent on August 02, 2017 at 06:00PM

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