Digital Inclusive Practice: framework of digital training and encourage innovation

Disability Co-operative Network in Museums ( has been in conversation with digital inclusion specialists in other sectors for the past year ( and

There needs to be a proposed framework of digital training within the Heritage Sector to bring it to speed with what is available at low cost, quality inclusive digital design (i.e. creating and uploading captions, text to speech options), website accessibility and creating digital interpretation, service delivery opportunities such as apps (i.e. Signly) with the confidence to work with digital creators, which is holistically lacking.



Why the contribution is important

It would create further opportunities of layered interpretation to objects and their role within the community. In creating inclusive technology it would attract people who cannot or have difficulty in accessing text interpretation (particularly those from low social-economic groups and people with some neurodiverse profiles such as dyslexia and dyspraxia), as well as those who do not want to read. The upskilling of digital technology would create more confidence and influence in a changing world by creating museum staff who can have opportunities to use and create technology in innovative ways and evaluate it within a public space such as a gallery.  Staff would also have the confidence to work with other sectors and potential collaborative working.

by BeckiDCN on August 09, 2017 at 08:41PM

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