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At the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust digital activity will be core to our aim to give everybody access to Shakespeare, regardless of age, ability or background.  Other contributors to this conversation have posted concerns that digital will undercut their business models, or offer a pale facsimile of the authentic ‘real thing’.  Far from being an alternative to the real thing, we see the virtual experience as a valuable augmentation for those who can visit, and an invaluable tool to reach those who can’t, particularly ‘hard to win’ audiences who might never consider engaging with culture in more traditional ways. 

Why the contribution is important

Digital opens up exciting opportunities for us to engage with new and existing audiences in a variety of ways enabling us to work towards our aim to give everyone access to Shakespeare regardless of age, ability or background. 

by ShakespeareBirthplaceTrust on July 31, 2017 at 03:22PM

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  • Posted by TheSpace August 03, 2017 at 17:21

    "The Space is committed to developing digital tools, funding streams and opportunities to allow more people to access the arts via on-line distribution and digital platforms. We want making and sharing content to become easier and more affordable.

    We’re proposing a standardised approach to online analytics for arts organisations, which will allow audiences and diversity to be monitored more closely and with greater accuracy. We think improved knowledge of audiences will help arts organisations become more inclusive and serve a bigger, wider audience. "
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