Global citizenry and sustainable living

Practically all cultures are interacting in the space created by the digital world. This online community subscribes to great ideas irrespective of their origin and subtly acknowledges that co-creation is our current collective reality. It is easy to share an idea and get feedback from this community that tends to be very apolotical. These online communities coalesce around ideas and are probably responsible for spreading them locally. Some of these groups do great things together e.g. running campaigns and hence can perpetuate concepts such as responsible consumption, sustainable living etc. However, one great danger that is lurking here is the possibilty of spreading ideas that also threaten our own existence.


Why the contribution is important

In our time, we are faced with many challenges that have been originated locally but have snowballed into formidable movements in the digital space. They include globalized challenges like consumerism, terrorism and on the flip side, good ideas like responsible sourcing and living sustainably on earth. I believe that the same tool that was used to create and perpetuate the beneficial ones, can be used to eliminate the undeserable ones.

by agneslusweti on July 18, 2017 at 09:34AM

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  • Posted by TCHLearningAndPartcipation July 18, 2017 at 15:25

    We like that you are thinking about really big issues and ideas. Co-creation raises interesting questions and opportunities. Taking it to a much smaller and pragmatic level, as a relatively small organisation, when we start to think about payment of content creators (artists, designers, programmers, producers etc) this process raises interesting ethical and practical questions. We are very much aware of artists rights and how funded organisations should support creators. We aren't especially keen on the idea as 'exposure' as being a fair outcome for creators.

    We would also ask, as a space to share and talk, are online communities really apolitical as you say. Certain groups face barriers keeping them offline. Is there a dominant type of co-creator online? You flag the idea that ideas that proliferate can be detrimental. Could these be politically driven? We'd agree that collaborating online adds to our capacity to tackle truly global issues in an authentic way.

    We should state haven't used digital platform to co-create, co-produce or campaign at The Customs House.
    ( Elizabeth Learning Officer The Customs House
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