Heritage as a way of driving digital engagement of older people

Many heritage sector organisations already use digital distribution to varying degrees. However, due to a lack of resources many organisations have generalist staff using antiquated technology. As a result, it takes longer to engage with and reach new audiences. This means that there is significant potential for improvement opening the sector to new audiences and new potential sources of funding.

The cost of investing in new technology is a significant barrier. That is cost both in terms of money and of resources. This makes it difficult for smaller ogranisations to compete and to get their messages realised.

Heritage content could be used to help older people start using the internet encouraging them to share and record the memories and photos. Is there scope for a national project to get older people online doing this?

I would like to see organisations such as Google working with the heritage sector in the same way they have the arts. It would be great to have more heritage information appear on Google maps.

Could Google/ Facebook do more to promote heritage funding raising projects to local areas. Heritage organisations often will not have money to pay for digital campaigns – nor the knowhow.

Government could work with digital partners to ensure smaller organisations have access to modern technological platforms at a non-commercial rate. Small organisations are generally unable to afford the best digital products. Could organisations be helped to share technology between themselves to make it more affordable.

Why the contribution is important

Ensuring that digital is for all is important. Therefore work must be done to support those who would not otherwise access information.

by TheHeritageAlliance on August 11, 2017 at 03:58PM

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