Reinvogorating the People's Network

The People's Network put free to access computers in public libraries. Libraries are creative spaces, attracting people of all ages, from all kinds of backgrounds including hard to reach and hardly reached groups are situated in the heart of communities and are ideally placed to support digital access and  innovation. The idea is to reinvigorate the People's Network with a new generation of digital technology that is able to keep pace with digital developments and is able to respond to the needs of diverse audiences.

This will involve technology and support for library staff and volunteers to learn the new skills necessary to respond to the needs of people with limited digital skills

Libraries will be the venue for activities linked to cultural digital content and linked to raising digital aspirations and improving digital literacy in hard to reach and hardly reached communities. It will result in libraries being places where digital content is not only consumed, but with the right software and support it will also be created. This will mean that libraries can better engage with audiences, unleash the creative potential of technology to a much wider audience

Why the contribution is important

This will provide a platform for digital content providers to access new audiences on up to date technology,  for skills development and for audiences in places that don't have access to fast broadband - for geographical, social or financial reasons not to be left behind.

Libraries are important in developing digital literacy, in digital skills development, in creative digital skills development and they provide a network of physical locations to deliver content and services in new and exciting ways.

The People's Network revolutionised the delivery of library and information services, it is time for another revolution to achieve a the goals of a new agenda

by Janet on August 10, 2017 at 02:30PM

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