Virtual Attendance of Events and Exhibitions

Through investment in virtual reality/360 degree filming technology, I believe cultural institutions would encourage engagement with a significantly wider audience if they began broadcasting notable cultural exhibitions and events online using "virtual tickets". 
Many notable companies are already investing in virtual/360 degree event broadcasting technology and I honestly believe that this is the future of event attendance whenever "in person" attendance is impossible or inconvenient.

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This would be especially applicable in the case of events which have larger demand than ticketing/building capacity can cater to, are inaccessible geographically to a large number of people and situations where ticket plus travel costs are considered too expensive to justify attendance in person. Additionally I am confident that competitive pricing/promotional "free" virtual tickets would inspire more people to broaden their horizons and get involved in experiences and institutions that they would not generally have attended previously.


Speaking personally there have been many cultural events hat I have felt I could not justify attending in recent years and I believe that by creating a "virtual ticket" option many more people would actively participate in cultural events throughout Britain. 

by GuyIncognito on July 05, 2017 at 01:13PM

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  • Posted by willpsaunders July 07, 2017 at 10:08

    Thanks so much for your feedback. We are exploring the potential for immersive technology & for virtual performances. At the moment though these experiences are nascent as the technology that supports them is not entirely mainstream. We're very keen though to understand how those sorts of experiences might encourage audiences not already engaged with cultural content to try it.
  • Posted by GuyIncognito July 07, 2017 at 22:54

    Hi Will,

    No problem at all, thank you very much for your comments.

    Regarding how virtual ticketing/broadcast experiences could potentially encourage engagement with audiences that do not ordinarily get involved with cultural events and institutions in their present form, I would like to emphasise the freedom that increased accessibility would afford them. For example, a person may want to try attending a specific type of event/exhibition for the first time but not have anyone like-minded to attend with or perhaps do not believe that the journey they'd have to take would be justified considering the risk of being disappointed/underwhelmed.

    I believe that reduced cost "virtual tickets" or promotional free broadcasts online through a centralised portal (organised in a similar way to diverse topic content sites such as would allow people the freedom to give different cultural areas more attention, which could then lead to greater involvement in person/monetarily with the institutions that they've been impressed by.
  • Posted by KoestlerTrust July 18, 2017 at 11:30

    The Koestler exhibitions of art by prisoners attract high footfall but we want to reach all the family and friends of the exhibited artists (and potentially the artists themselves if we can plug into the new prison estate digital hub) across the UK through virtual attendance. The more people we can reach the more people we can tell about the lives of prisoners through their art. The possibilities are very exciting for us and we are keen to find the most cost effective way of doing this.
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